Introduction to the Book of Revelation by Jesse Hendley

Introduction to the Book of Revelation
Jesse M. Hendley

The Book of the Revelation is a tremendous book! It is a prophetic book. It claims to be on a par with the prophecies of the Old Testament, and it is. It is another prophetic book of the Bible, even as Daniel, Ezekiel and Isaiah are prophetic books. This book begins and ends insisting on this fact.

The Book of the Revelation is not only prophetic; it is interesting! Over the years I have spent much time in it. It is vitally interesting to me. It should be to every Christian.

The Book of the Revelation is not only prophetic and interesting; it is panoramic. That is, it surveys the whole future. It goes on through to the end of the Church Age, the Coming of the Great Tribulation Period and details about it, the Millenium, the Judgment after the Millenium (the thousand-year reign of our Lord) and on into the great Eternity with the new heavens and the new earth.

This Book of the Revelation was given through John, the beloved Apostle who leaned on Jesus' breast. Somebody called the Gospel of John the greatest book in the world. I don't know. I think I would have to say "The Writings" of John, to include the Epistles of John and this Book of the Revelation.

In this Book of the Revelation we have WHAT JOHN SAW on the Isle of Patmos, and what God unfolded to him, a tremendous picture of the End. In the olden days a prophet was called a "seer" because he was able to SEE things in the Next World that ordinary eyes could not see. He saw the things of God. He was given a vision of the things of eternity. He wrote from God's standpoint, from the standpoint of eternity.

John very definitely was a New Testament "seer" or prophet, as he stands on the mount of Divine Revelation and looks forward into the future, to the end of the Church Age, the coming agony of the world in the Tribulation Period, the Return of Jesus, the Great One Thousand Years of Christ's Millennial Reign on this earth, the Great Judgment beyond the Millenium on all the world when John saw all the dead, small and great, stand before God, and then the Destruction of the present heaven and earth, and the Creation of the new heaven and new earth wherein dwelleth only righteousness! It is a TREMENDOUS thing, and tremendously interesting, and we ought to know it.

The seer sees in this Book of the Revelation the Great Battle between Good and Evil. We see that battle going on today. It has been going on. The whole of human history deals with a great conflict between good and evil. Nobody can doubt that there is good in the world. Nobody can doubt that there is evil in the world. Your newspapers reveal it. Writings reveals it. The things you know from your own life reveal it. There is a great conflict between good and evil. You don't even have to look outside yourself; you can just look within your own heart and find the conflict between good and evil. Paul in Galatians 5 says, "The flesh lusteth again the Spi ...

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