A Journey Through Jude (2 of 8) by Steve Wagers

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A Journey Through Jude (2 of 8)
We Are Fixed Up!
Steve Wagers
Jude 1b-2


1. Whenever I think of what Christ
has done for us through salvation,
I immediately think of the words
penned by Charles Gabriel.

"I stand amazed in the presence
Of Jesus the Nazarene; and
Wonder how He could love me
A sinner condemned unclean."

"How marvelous, how wonderful
And my song shall ever be.
How marvelous, how wonderful
Is my Savior's love for me!"

2. Without a doubt, when we
consider the miraculous,
mysterious, and marvelous
salvation that has been bought for
us, and wrought in us, we must
admit that only God, in Christ,
could avail that to us.

3. As we come to these verses
before us, Jude seems to remind
us of what Christ has done for us.
In the first part of verse 1, he
gives us the signature of his
epistle. But, in the last part of
verse 1, he outlines the subjects
of his epistle.

4. It's interesting to note that the first
two verses, and the last two
verses deal with our wonderful
salvation. In particular, these
verses deal with the security of
the believer.

5. Once we move past verse 2, Jude
is going to rock the world of
religion, by informing us of the
great apostasy which is
confronting Christianity.

6. However, before he begins to
speak as a prophet, he speaks as
a pastor. In so doing, he
encourages us to remember what
God has done for us, to us, with
us, and in us. He seems to say,
thank God, as believers, "We Are
Fixed Up!" Notice, he explains
that we are fixed up because:


1. It is important to establish the
wording of this verse. As you
can see, in the original
language, the word 'called' is
mentioned last.

2. That may not seem important,
but whenever the Greeks
wanted to emphasize
something, they would always
put it last. That meant that it
was something of significance,
and vital imp ...

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