A Journey Through Jude (1 of 8) by Steve Wagers

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A Journey Through Jude (1 of 8)
Tell Us A Little Bit More About Yourself
Steve Wagers
Jude 1a


1. I don't know about you, but if I begin a relationship with
someone, I like to know all that I can about them.

2. I want to know their likes, their dislikes, and if I can, their goods,
and their bads. There are people who are mere or passing
acquaintances that we know little or nothing about.

3. There are classmates that though we spend 8-10 hours a day with
them, we really don't know a whole lot about them.

4. In fact, there are friends, and even family members that we know
very little about. To be honest, there are some that I would rather
know as little as possible about them.

5. However, there are some people, with which I have grown close,
that I desire to know all I can know about them. I want them to
know me, and I want to know them.

6. As we begin our study of this tiny, yet great epistle, immediately we
are introduced to the man whose name it bears.

7. Thus, in order to gain a full comprehension of his book, we
must gain a bit of information about his person, and character.

8. Thus, let us look at Brother Jude, and let's let him "Tell Us A Little
Bit More About Himself!" Briefly, let us consider 3 things about this
man. Notice:


1. As we are introduced to Brother Jude, we must remember his
significance in the Scripture. The name Jude is the English word

2. Also, there are some things that relate to Jude that are not related
to any other writer. For example:


1. As you know, there are 5 various discussions of the name Judas in
the Scripture.

2. There is a man by the name of Judas of Damascus mentioned in
Acts 9:11. He was the man in whose home Paul was praying
shortly after his miraculous conversion.

3. There is a man by the name of Judas Barsabas. He is mentioned ...

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