The U.S. Military vs. Terrorism in Iraq (18 of 18) by Stan Coffey

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The U.S. Military vs. Terrorism in Iraq (18 of 18)
Dr. Stan Coffey
Genesis 25:12-18


All of these countries are carrying out certain parts in God's big drama in the end times. As the Lord is coming down to fulfill all of prophecy in these days and we are witness to amazing events in amazing times. But it all goes back to a struggle long ago in the life of Abraham, in the family of Abraham. That is really where the roots of Islam go. When you talk about the news last week, you remember that the escalation of terrorism in Iraq is a reality. That is that our troops, it seems, are under more and more attack from the terrorists there, the insurgent forces left over from the main war and also those who are coming into Iraq from many different Arab nations that surround Iraq are doubling up there efforts it seems. Now they have attacked helicopters and downed helicopters. Many lives have been lost just in the last week and the week before as well as lives lost in the bombings. They have bombed hotels, they have bombed United Nations embassy, and they have targeted innocent men, women, and children alike. But their main target is Untied States soldiers. Now why is this? Why are they so much the target? Because they are looked upon as intruders. America is looked upon as a great intruder in a land, which they have defiled. Because the Islamists, particularly the extreme Islamists believe that is their holy land. Those who do not believe as they do are infidels and they are pagan worshippers, including those who are Christians. So they are a great offense because of our presence in that part of the world.
We are going to see how America's involvement in the Middle East has brought about the rise of Babylon, the reestablishment of Iraq, the reestablishment of that government, that city of Baghdad after the war as it continues to progress. It has been because of fulfillment of prophecy because of what G ...

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