Is Babylon's Destruction Near? (9 of 18) by Stan Coffey

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Is Babylon's Destruction Near? (9 of 18)
Dr. Stan Coffey
Isaiah 13:19-20


When we say Iraq, Iran, remember that part of world that is modernly called Iraq, Iran, is in the bible called Babylon or the Kingdom of Babylon, and very close to the city of Baghdad is the ancient city of Babylon. So, we have learned that all through the scripture, two cities play an important role in bible prophecy. One is the city of Jerusalem; of course, the other is the city of Babylon. We learned from the very first about man's beginnings in the book of Genesis that Babylon has been a place where false religion flourished. That Babylon has been a place that has been a source for humanism, a source for the occult, a source for astrology, a source for man guiding his own destiny and all of this began at Babylon.
Scripture says that Babylon is going to rise again in the last days and Babylon is going to be destroyed in the last days. Now, the question is, when will Babylon be destroyed? We know that the United States is presently trying to rebuild Babylon almost by ourselves and this may be the beginning of the rise of Babylon. We do not know whether we are going to be successful. We know there is a lot of controversy in Washington, D.C., there is controversy across the country, but now that we are in Iraq, now that we have taken down the dictator, it seems that most people understand that we have to stay the course. We have to be there as long as it takes to bring peace and order and when we have established peace and order it could be the beginning of the rebuilding of Babylon. Babylon in the last days will actually become a very important city. It will become the seat and the throne of the Antichrist. So we are going to see that it is very, very important and the prophecy given.
In Isaiah 13:6,9, you see two verses that talk about Babylon's destruction. Here we learn first of all that Babylon will be destroyed ...

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