Babylon: Key to Bible Prophecy (8 of 18) by Stan Coffey

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Babylon: Key to Bible Prophecy (8 of 18)
Dr. Stan Coffey
Genesis 2:8-15


The term Babylon and Iraq and Iran are really interchangeable terms because Babylon was a kingdom that took in modern day Iraq and Iran. We are talking about Babylon, the key to bible prophecy because the bible really opens with the subject of Babylon and then when you get to book of Revelation the bible closes with the fall of Babylon. Babylon through the years has risen and fallen, it has risen and fallen, it has risen and fallen, risen and fallen, and there will be a time in the end times when Babylon will arise once again. And perhaps the presence of the United State in Iraq is the beginning of the rise of Babylon in the last days. We have just seen in the United Nations a resolution passed with European nations and Russia coming on board with the United States, backing the United States in the improvement and the restoration of Iraq. A commitment from the other nations saying they are going to affirm the United States in its efforts to rebuild Iraq. We know that we probably will not see any financial help or much financial help from those other nations, but at least now, they have come on board. Secretary Colin Powell has said that we are letting by gones be by gones as far as the position of France and Germany and Russia and their past opposition to the war and now we are accepting them as partners and they have said that they are going to help us in the rebuilding process. Of course, all of them will want to be a part of the rebuilding process because the oil is going to begin to flow again in Iraq very, very soon. The European nations are even more dependent on oil than are we. This is one of the great developments that has just happened this past week in prophecy. We see the nations of the world turning their attention to ancient Babylon or to Iraq. We see the focus of the nations of the world on ancient Babylon. I think that one of the commentators said regarding the presidential election of 2004 that the great issue of the election of 2004 would be the rebuilding of Iraq. Whether or not American citizens will be able to back the tremendous cost the taxpayers will have to pay to rebuild Iraq. Some have said that will be the main issue of 2004, whether the administration can sell the American people on the winning of the peace in Iraq. We see that this may be the beginning of the Iraq that then will be destroyed as we are told in Revelation 17 and 18. So Babylon is the key to all bible prophecy, because Babylon is the seat of evil. Babylon was the beginning of false religion, Babylon was the habitation of demons, Babylon was place where rebellion up against God began, and Babylon will be the place where it all ends. Babylon is the gateway to Armageddon, the last and final battle and the last and final expression of man's rebellion against God.

As we begin to trace the importance of B ...

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