America in Bible Prophecy (6 of 18) by Stan Coffey

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America in Bible Prophecy (6 of 18)
Dr. Stan Coffey
Ezekiel 38:13


We have been looking at the war that is predicted to come in the last days in the nation of Israel, where there is an alliance between Russia and certain Islamic countries that will come against Israel. There will form a coalition in the last days and come against the nation of Israel. There will actually be an invasion in the land of Israel by these nations that are mentioned. We have seen development in the latter part of the twentieth century take place in the shifting in the interest of the world from the West to the East. It use to be that spiritually the interest of the world was in the East and then of course it shifted with movement of the world West and the development of Western civilization it moved west but now in the latter times, as the bible had predicted, it has moving back towards the East. So we have the revival of the Islamic culture, the revival of Islamic influence and the Islamic nation brought about by the discovery of oil and the wealth that oil has brought. Then the development of the militant arm of the Islamic religion that has been so prevalent in our time and the growing numbers of the militant Islamic movement in the world. It is very frightening because of their extreme belief in evangelizing the world to Islam by any means necessary. There will be an alliance according to scripture between many of these powerful Islamic forces and the country of Russia against Israel in the latter days. Now let's look at Ezekiel 38 again and see what the bible says about this war. We have said this war may take place during the tribulation or it may take place right before the tribulation begins, just right before the rapture takes place. I have said that might be the best place to put it, but we do not know exactly when it is going to take place. The scripture many times warns us about setting dates, so we can not s ...

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