America in Bible Prophecy (3 of 18) by Stan Coffey

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America in Bible Prophecy (3 of 18)
Stan Coffey
Haggai 2:6-7


Haggai is the period of rebuilding of the temple after Jews had returned to their homeland following their captivity in Iraq or Babylon. Modern day Iraq, where our troops are now in the process of helping to rebuild Iraq, to free the Iraqis and rebuild their land, is old testament Babylon and new testament Babylon as well. Haggai has returned from Babylon and he is the prophet now who is in Israel and he is predicting what will happen in the end times. He also is prophesying about the rebuilding of their temple. They did rebuild the temple during Haggai's time and as he encourages the rebuilding of this temple and the temple is rebuilt, we understand that the temple that was rebuilt during the return of the Jews of that day, is not as glorious a temple as the temple was in the time of Solomon. They did the best they could but the Jews were very poor at this particular time and it said that when the temple was rebuilt during the days of the restoration, that the young men shouted but the old men wept. The young men shouted because they had not seen the temple of Solomon and so they shouted for joy just because they had a temple. But the old men wept because the temple that was built was so far less than the glorious temple of Solomon. But Haggai goes beyond this temple and he prophesies and sees the last day. So we are going to be looking at several things this prophet Haggai said as we talk about ''America in Bible Prophecy''.

There are some scholars who would say, well, we just can't see America at all in bible prophecy and so they jump to the conclusion that some how in the end times, there will be a point at which America doesn't exist at all. But you know there are many modern nations that are not mentioned at all in bible prophecy. It doesn't mean those nations will not exist in the end time because the bible focuses on the nations that ex ...

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