7 Bible Predictions About Iraq (2 of 18) by Stan Coffey

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7 Bible Predictions About Iraq (2 of 18)
Dr. Stan Coffey
Revelation 18:2


You will remember that Iraq and Iran and some other countries around them are all a part of ancient Babylon. When you use the word Babylon and you use the word Iraq they are one in the same because they are interchangeable terms. Iran/Iran, these are modern terms but the ancient term is Babylon. Babylon has been several times, the ruler of the entire world. Although it may not have been important in previous history of our time, but it has been very, very important in ancient times. It has been a great kingdom that ruled the entire world. We have talked about several ways that Iraq is prophesied to be prominent in last day's events. The scripture predicted that Babylon would be resurrected. That after Babylon had been dormant, had been in the dust, that in the latter days God would raise up Babylon. That Babylon once again would become a great kingdom. We do not know but we can speculate that perhaps the presence of the United States troops and the victory of America over the troops of Iraq and our continuing effort to establish a democracy and peace in Iraq and the prosperity of Iraq's people could be the beginning of a new revival of ancient Babylon in a sense. It may be what the bible was talking about when it said Babylon would be resurrected. We also said that Babylon would become a cage or a habitation for demons, for every foul spirit and the cage of every hated bird from Revelation chapter 18, verses 1 and 2. And we talked about how the bible predicted, Iraq would be the center for demonic activity in the last days. We have seen several examples of this and how terrorism has had a headquarter and how demons inspire the kind of inhumanity, the kind of cruelty, and the kind of dictatorship that Saddam Hussein represented. Who else but demons could cause the kind of havoc and the kind of man that would rule Iraq? So ...

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