Christ Is Our Life (8 of 18) by Johnny Hunt

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Christ Is Our Life (8 of 18)
Johnny Hunt
Colossians 3

INTRODUCTION: Josh McDowell said, "Today we live in a post-Christian or postmodern world. Postmodernism is a worldview characterized by the belief that truth is created rather than discovered. The chart below reveals how today's post-Christian world stands in direct contrast to Biblical Christianity and the great need for Worldview Weekend.

Former Definition: Accept others without agreeing with or sharing their beliefs or lifestyle choices,
Today's Definition: Accepting that every individual's beliefs, values, lifestyles and truth claims are equal.

Former Definition: Giving due consideration to others.
Today's Definition: Wholeheartedly approving of others' beliefs or lifestyle choices.

Former Definition: Embracing people for who they are, not praising others for necessarily for what they say or do
Today's Definition: Endorsing and their beliefs and lifestyle choices

Moral Judgments
Former Definition: Certain things are morally right and wrong, as determined by God.
Today's Definition: We have no right to judge another person's view or behavior.

Personal Preference
Former Definition: Preferences of color, food, clothing, style, hobbies, etc., are personally determined.
Today's Definition: Preference of sexual behaviors, value systems, and beliefs are personally determined.

Personal Rights
Former Definition: Everyone has the right to be treated justly under the law
Today's Definition: Everyone has the right to do what they believe is right.

Former Definition: Being free to do what you know you ought to do
Today's Definition: Being able to do anything you want to do.

Former Definition: An absolute standard of right and wrong
Today's Definition: Whatever is right for you.

Worldview: An ideology, philosophy, theology, movement, or religion that provides an overarching a ...

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