Conversation About the Lord Jesus Christ (3 of 3) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley

Now we are going into this great story of conversation about Jesus Christ, We have given you three thoughts, the approach in engaging somebody in conversation, number two, directing the conversation towards spiritual things and how to do that, number three, using the Bible and we gave you a short outline on the plan of salvation that you might memorize using these scriptures having them to read it to bring them down to a decision for the Lord.

I want to come now to an example of dealing with a precious soul and I am giving you an experience I have just had this week. I want to call your attention to this, and I thought in this outline just of an experience I had it might be a blessing as you read it or might be something you can use, in this matter of conversation about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Here was visitation night at our church and I had added three people I wanted to go to whom I had gone to before to help them. One of them was a man we were trying to get through to the Lord and whom we had not yet gotten through to. You don't win them every time you go friends, remember that, but persist and stay with the soul until you win that soul, for the Lord. On this particular night, a friend who was visiting with me had gotten into the car. I got out and went back into some of our friends who were doing some work in the apartment houses and asked them if there was any of the adults in the apartment houses that they would like for me to visit. I try to meet with the grown-ups wherever they feel I should. They gave me three names and one of these names was a couple whose little child was bussed in. So I went to this particular home.

It was a wonderful experience, the little boy ran in the door and shouted to his daddy, the preacher is here and wants to see you, daddy. Well, the daddy came to the door and I said I am Reverend Hendley and immediately he brightened up and he said y ...

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