The Gift of Faith (10 of 13) by Stan Coffey

The Gift of Faith (10 of 13)
Dr. Stan Coffey
1 Corinthians 12:8


We're talking today about the gift of faith. This is the tenth in the series of messages this summer on Faith: How To Get It And How To Grow It. Where you get it is from God. Amen? Faith comes from God.

Did you know there is a gift of faith mentioned along with the other gifts of the Holy Spirit? Some have the gift of prophecy and some have the gift of teaching. Some have a gift of mercy. Some have a gift of exhortation. Some have a gift of compassion. Some have a gift of faith. Some have a word of knowledge. Some have a word of wisdom.

So he says in verse 8 of I Corinthians 12 "For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom. And to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit. And to another faith by the same Spirit." Now what are we talking about when we talk about the gift of faith? Well, I want you to notice first of all this morning on your outline the diversity of faith. There are many kinds of faith mentioned in the Bible.

There is, first of all, natural faith. Now, natural faith is faith that everybody has, whether you're a Christian or not a Christian. We're talking about the faith that a farmer has when he puts seed in the soil and he expects the seed to germinate. He expects it to come up and he expects it to produce a harvest. That is an example of natural faith. Now we all have a measure of natural faith.

It's the kind of faith a businessman has when he starts a business. He opens a business. He stocks things on his shelf. He advertises. He opens the door. He expects people to come and buy his product. He is a man who is a businessman. He has a natural kind of faith that if he stocks his business, if he works hard, then he's going to get a return on his investment. That's natural faith.

Then there is a measure of faith mentioned in Romans 12:3. There the Bible s ...

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