Faith to Save a Nation (6 of 13) by Stan Coffey

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Faith To Save A Nation (6 of 13)
Dr. Stan Coffey
Genesis 18


Have you ever wondered, What could one person do? Have you ever thought, what can I, one person, do to help my country? What can I, one person do to help my city? What can I, one person, do to change my church? You know, the Bible is replete with stories of what one person could do.

David was just a shepherd boy, just a teenager, but when he slew Goliath, he changed the course of his nation from defeat into victory. Joseph was just one person, but when he became second ruler in Egypt, he fed the entire world with grain. When Esther, a woman, seemingly alone, went to the king, her husband, and approached him on behalf of her people, the Jews, she prevented the entire Jewish nation from extinction and guaranteed that the lineage of the Messiah would continue.

Today we are going to read about what one man, an intercessor, a prayer warrior did to save a nation, to save the lineage of his people and what he did to save a soul. His name is Abraham and you'll find his story in Genesis 18. This sit he story of what one person can do through the power of intercessory prayer. If you have a loved one who's lost, if you have a concern for America and you believe America is on the wrong moral path, if you have a son or daughter that you believe is on the wrong path, if you have a friend that you believe is on the wrong path, if you want to see some situation change, if you want to see revival come to your church, then today this lesson is for you. It's about what one person can do through intercessory prayer. It's about the power of intercessory prayer and how God uses intercessory prayer to change circumstances and to change things and even to change the mind of God.

Genesis 18, verse 23, God has determined that He is going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of their wickedness and He's going to destroy everyone in it. "And Abraham drew n ...

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