Did God Lie? (2 of 2) by Dennis Marquardt

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DID GOD LIE? (2 of 2)
Rev. Dennis Marquardt
Luke 2:8-18

The story of the Shepherds is such a wonderful story.
Everything seems to have gone pretty good in the
details of the story, despised shepherds are given the
privilege to be the first to witness the lamb of God.
Angels had good news, God's promised Messiah arrives
in the fullness of time, and Herod's plans to kill
Jesus fail.
But there is one point of this story that doesn't seem
to have been accurate, the message the angels had from
God, "Glory to God in the highest and on Earth peace
to men..." What's wrong with this picture? For 2,000
years since the angels pronounced this message there
has almost never been peace on Earth! So, did God lie?
Only if we incorrectly understand what God meant by
"Peace on earth" does it seem like God lied.
So what then did God mean? If He declared "Peace on
earth, and good will toward man" where is it, what
does it look like?
PROP. SENT: God did not lie about bringing "peace
on earth," but this peace is not the absence of
conflict in the world, it is the absence of sin in the
heart, when a man is at peace with God and Himself
because His sins have been washed away.

A. Secular Darkness 2:8
1. The world was a mess when Jesus came the first
a. High taxes.
b. Corrupt government.
c. High unemployment rates due to high taxes and
d. The breakup of the family unit was a serious
e. Religion while popular was devoid of any connection
to real life.
f. Higher education was stripping people's belief in
God and the miraculous.
g. Yet, mysticism was spreading everywhere.
h. Wars and conflicts were flaring up everywhere,
especially in the Middle East keeping the fragile
peace between nations teetering on the edge at all
i. Frequent insurrections or terrorist's attacks kept
Rome breathing down the throats of the leaders of ...

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