Behold The King! (2 of 2) by Dennis Marquardt

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Rev. Dennis Marquardt
Matt. 2:1-23

We all come into this world thinking we are the
masters of our own lives. As we grow up we quickly
discover however that there are powers over us that we
must learn to submit to if we want a decent quality of
The question of our eternal life is decided by a
similar process . . . discovering that there is a greater
power than ourselves, and whether we will submit to
God or decide that we will continue being our own god.
Only a fool chooses to be his own god, or to choose
another human being or some part of creation to be
their god.
I keep telling Shirley MacLaine, "You can't go around
telling people you are God." It's a very difficult
concept to accept. -- Ophrah Winfrey in the New York
Times Magazine (June 11, 1989). Christianity Today,
Vol. 33, no. 12.
The reality of Christ coming into this world forces us
to deal with an important issue, will we accept our
King or reject His kingship and usurp His place as
ruler over our lives by insisting that we alone are
PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us that we must make
a choice about Christ as king, we will submit to Him
or place ourselves on the throne . . . with disastrous
results when we choose to be our own king!

A. Promise 2:1-2
1. Herod had been appointed ruler over Judea in 40 BC
a. However, he was not happy to be just "ruler," he
requested from Rome the official title "KING OF THE
JEWS" which was granted by Rome.
b. Being that he had almost no Jewish blood in him
this made the Jewish inhabitants angry and they
revolted against him.
c. It took 3 years to put down the revolt and it
wasn't until 37 BC that Herod finally had control of
the territory and the title "KING OF THE JEWS."
2. Herod was not one to submit to anyone!
a. In his arrogance and pride he set himself up as the
absolute r ...

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