God In The Flesh! by Dennis Marquardt

Rev. Dennis Marquardt
John 1:1-14

INTRO: The real wonder of Christmas is not the
decorations, the gifts, the parties and the meals; it
is the amazing reality that God broke into our world
in the flesh!

Maybe the world invented so many other ways to
celebrate Christmas because it is too marvelous, too
wonderful to consider the possibility that God entered
the world as a frail human baby and yet as God also.

The fact however is that we will never truly
experience Christmas unless we truly experience

ILLUS: He who has not Christmas in his heart will
never find it under a tree. -- Roy L. Smith in
Lutheran Witness (Dec. 15, 1974). Christianity Today,
Vol. 33, no. 18.

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us that “God so
loved the world that He gave His only begotten son,
and whoever believes in Him will not perish but have
everlasting life.” John 3:16


A. Son Of God 1:1
1. This is one of the most significant verses of
Scripture to help us understand God and His desire to
know us and have us know Him.
a. For God it is NOT “actions speak louder than
words,” rather, it is “Actions speak exactly like
b. God’s character is so perfect that His thoughts
or words are the same as His actions.
2. The Word of God has always existed, He is not
created, He was there in the beginning already.
3. The statement that the Word was WITH God and WAS
God clearly shows us that the Word of God is another
member of the Godhead and equal with God because He is
a. In this way we can actually come to know God
since we have His Word which has become flesh in
b. Even though we have never seen God we have seen
God in Christ.

ILLUS: On a wall near the main entrance to the
Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, is a portrait with the
following inscription: "James Butler Bonham--no
picture of him exists. This portrait is of his nephew,
M ...

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