The Bible: God's Word or Man's Stories? (Part 2 of 2) by Terry J. Hallock

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The Bible: God's Word or Man's Stories? (Part Two)
Pastor T. J. Hallock
November 23, 2003

As I began this message last Sunday I suggested that there are at least six proofs why Christians can stand with certainty on the Apostle Peter's claim "that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet's own interpretation. For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit." (2nd Peter 1:20-21)
The first three proofs that I described last Sunday were:

Doctrinal Consistency: Nowhere does the Bible contradict itself concerning fundamental Christian doctrine; e.g. the character of God; the nature of sin and salvation; the birth, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Eyewitness Accounts: Peter tells us that "we did not follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty."(2nd Peter 1:16). Paul testifies that after His resurrection Jesus appeared to Peter, the Twelve, five hundred of the brothers at the same time, James, all the apostles, and finally to Paul himself.

Textual Evidence: There are more original manuscripts of the Bible in scholars possession at this moment than any other piece of literature in human history. Discoveries such as the Dead Sea Scrolls confirm that the Bible translations we now have are truthful representations of the original biblical writings. The strict rules by which Old Testament scrolls had to be copied by Scribes also proves the authenticity of Scripture.
This morning I address the final three proofs: 4) Scientific Fact; 5) Fulfilled Prophecy; and 6) The Word made flesh, Jesus Christ.

Despite the protestations of its critics and enemies, the Bible continues to stand up under the strictest scientific scrutiny in both its content and its claims. Let me give just two examples.

First, in Genesis 17:10-12 God commanded that ...

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