Church Unity Part2 by Ronnie Floyd

Part 2

Three part series on "Cfurch Urntty." Last week we taught
you about the call to church unity, the attitudes necessary
for church unity. All of this was taught word-by-word
right out of Ephesians 4:1-6. I encourage you to get the
tape if you missed last Wednesday evening. This evening
we will now move to Part 2 ofthis series on "Church
(7) "To each one of us" - allness factor, individually
(7) "Grace was given" - God's love to undeserving man -
gift of grace
(7) "According to the measure of Christ's gift" - function
by what God has given to us. Measure meaning
their Spiritural ability.
(8) Summarizes Psalm 68 - a military victor has the right
to give gifts to all that have identified with
Him. Christ has done!
(9) "Ascended" - ascension to heaven after death-
"Descended" -
a. Incarnation
b. Into hell after death
c. Into grave for three days.
All three relative and true.
(10) "Far above all Heavens" - Christ's legal reigning
relationship with the whole world.
From this point He bestows gifts as He wills.
Christ imparts His power, person, and possessions
(gifts) to the church SOVEREIGNLY.
(11) "He" - Christ Himself
"Gives" - gifts to people - have gifted people!
"Apostles" - Greek "apostolos" - "one that is sent
as an authoritative delegate"
These are the twelve, others like Paul, Silas,
Timothy, etc.
"Prophets" - gave instruction to the clhurci- prior
to completion of Scripture.
Edified, exhorted, and comforted
*Many scholars believe that apostles and prophets
ceased after 1st century Christianity.
"Evangelists" - spreading the gospel
"Pastors and teachers" - listed together. Two
characteristics of one person.
He comforts, guides but also instructs
Greek "Poimen" - a shepherd - tends a
flock. Guide as well as feed the flock.
Involves: Tender care and vigilant superintendence
Greek - "Didaskalos" - tea ...

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