The Impact Of Your Life by Ronnie Floyd

The Impact of Your Life
Ronnie Floyd
Acts 9:32-43


Listen to this biography of Solomon Grundy:
Born on Monday
Christened on Tuesday
Married on Wednesday
Taken ill on Thursday
Worse on Friday
Died on Saturday
Buried on Sunday
And that was the end of Solomon Grunday

This might well be the biography of many here today, with the only difference being a few meaningless years in between those mentioned events. History has always been touched by some great people:
Politically--Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Reagan
Sports--Jim Brown, Babe Ruth, 0.J.Simpson, Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry.
Music--Beethoven, Bach, Chopin
Spiritual--Adam, Noah, Moses, David, Jesus, Peter, Paul, Luther, Zwingli, Wesley, Finney, Edwards, Sunday, Graham!

WORLD! Their charisma, ability, and their power! What kind of impact is your life having today? What kind of impact on your making on history? If you died would anybody even notice or be affected by your death? In the historical events of Acts as I read a moment ago you read of three People: Peter, Aeneas, and Dorcas! Each of them had an impact on people!

I. Peter
A. Denied Christ
B. Filled with Spirit at Pentecost
C. Used of God in this historical event!

1. He healed Aeneas-he was paralyzed--All who witnessed this event turned to the Lord!
2. Raised Dorcas from the dead--He prayed for her, turned to her body, and commanded her to arise. He led her out to the people alive and presented her to them.

Ill: Just imagine: you were outside of the room where just minutes ago you witnessed no life in Dorcas. Peter goes in and all of a sudden Dorcas is alive again.
App: That is exactly what happens to us spiritually when we die physically: We enter into life with God eternally!

II. Aeneas--Paralyzed, but healed! All who saw him where impacted by this testimony.
III. Dorcas--She abounded in deeds of kindnes ...

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