We Are Overcomers by Ronnie Floyd

Acts 21:12-14; 26:24-32; Rev. 12:11

Introduction: Testimony of Charles Finney. He was an over-
comer. Why? Blood of the Lamb, Word of his testimony and
he loved life not even to death.
T.S: We are overcomers! Paul was an overcomer because of
the shed blood of Jesus on his heart, he spoke words of his
testimony to the lost, and loved life not even to death.
Explnnnastion of Text: Paul felt led of the Spirit to go
back to Jerusalem. Read Acts 21:12-14. Paul went to the
temple and he was seized, but made the most of this opportu-
nity by sharing Christ.(Acts 21:27-40)
(Acts 22:1-30) Paul gives personal testimony to Jews.
(Acts 23:L-35) Plot formed against Paul-leader protected and
from the plot and sent him to Felix the governor.
(Acts 24:1-9) Tertullus accused Paul as a problem to Jews.
(Acts 24:10-21) Paul defended himself before them.
(Acts 24:22-25) Paul shared Jesus with Felix and Drusilla.
(Acts 24:26-28) Felix imprisoned Paul for two years.
(Acts 25:1-22) King Agrippa and his wife, Bernice, came to
pay his respects to Festus and Drusilla. They began
to talk of Paul so God opened the door for Paul to share.
(Acts 25:23-27) Paul walked in among these dignitaries in
great pomp. "He loved not life even to death." He was
permitted to speak.
(Acts 26:1-23) The Holy Ghost came upon him and a surge of
power and God said, "Tell him what I did for you."
a. Spoke of the blood of the Lamb.
b. Gave his personal testimony. An overcomer!
(Acts 26:24-32).King Agrippa do you believe the prophets?
know you do. Agrippa said, "in a short time you will
persuade me to be a Christian."
I AM AN OVERCOMER. WHY? Because of what Jesus did for me
on the cross and when I received him he changed my life.
I want to tell you about that today:
a. Baptist, Christian home, everything or time the doors
were open I was there.
b. I can remember when my mom was saved in ...

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