The Object Of Our Prais And Worships by Ronnie Floyd

Sermon #1
Isaiah 6:1-8

Introduction: Why am I going to preach on praise and worship?
1. Many of us are intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually
illiterate on the subject.
2. The Bible speaks of this subject hundreds of times-It is
worth our time.
3. Praise and/or worship is going to be the only eternal
eschatoloical exercise in heaven.
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In order for you to understand me clearly I want to define
these terms for you today:
A. Praise is adoration of God that can be spoken (mouth,
shout), sounded forth (clapping, instruments), or shown
through our lives.(Lifting hands, dancing, kneeling).
B. Worship is the adoration of God worth. One is worthy of
honor and reverence.(Anglo-Saxon word: "worth" and "ship"
Both terms indicate an adoration to God through our
entire beings.
Ill: 3 carat marquis diamond would attract your attention.
As you examine it you would appraise its worth. You
would honor it through admiration and honor it by not
losing it.
Ill: Do you like people to love you? Do you sincerely enjoy
the praise of others? If you do you are normal. That
is a God-given desire because that is the one thing God
desires. The Bible says, "God inhabits the praises of
His people." God feels at home when you praise him.
Praise is God's address! Our spiritual lives are dead
at times because we do not ring God's doorbell of PRAISE!
Explanation of Text: "I saw the Lord" They cried out "Holy,
Holy, Holy." When Isaiah saw God he appraised His worth.
"Holy, Holy, Holy!" The object of Isaiah's worship and
Praise was God!
S.S. teachers, dept. directors. . . your audience is
Jesus!) We should do everything to Him.
Many people come and sit--Want to be entertained! You are
not the audience--GOD IS THE ONLY AUDIENCE!
FBC,4EpkAND (7-13-86 AM)
The Bible in the book of Psalms declares to us the impo ...

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