The Participants And Participation In Worship by Ronnie Floyd

Sermon #2
Exodug 3:l1-10

INTRODUCTION: We live in a day when people want to be
entertained. The television has established a pattern
of lifestyle where we sit, look, and listen for 30 to
60 minutes at a time. A device called "remote control"
has even kept us from getting up from our chairs to turn
the volume up or down or change the channels of reception.
This sit, look, and listen philosophy, called entertain-
ment, has intruded the church of America in our worship.
We are interested much more in what we can get from God,
than what we can give to HIM.
We learned last week that Jesus is to be the only
object of our worship. He is the audience involved in
worship. Anyone or anything, whether it be privately or
publicly, that detracts our attention away from Christ, is
wrong and is not worship.. Keeping this thought in our
memory today I want to preach on "The Participants and
Participation in Praise and Worship." I want to ask
three questions today in relationship to this subject.
Exp: In this text Moses praised and worshipped the
Lord-God was His audience-Moses participated.
God's awesome presence in the burning bush
drew Moses to Him. He confronted the living
God! Moses sensed the holiness of God! When
true worship occurs you will become aware of
the precious attributes of God!
Ill: If God is the audience who then is to praise
and worship the Lord? We are--God's people--
All of us! Privately and/or publicly to praise
and warhip the Lord!
App: Praise is to adore God with your mouth, sound;
it forth, or shown through your entire life!
Worship is adoring the worth of God. It takes
people to praise and worship the Lord!
Ill: You can fill the Astrodome with 60,000 people
for a football game. You can place a football
on the 50 yard line. You can have two teams on
each side line. But you will not have a game
until both t ...

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