The Privileges Of Praise And Worship by Ronnie Floyd

Sermon #4
2 Chronicles 20:1-23

INTRODUCTION: "A great multitude is coming against you."(20:2)
Have you ever felt like that-That everything is coming against
you? I mean:
The bills are stacking up and your car breaks down
You feel you are just getting ahead and your A/C breaks
You just bought you new home and you get transferred
You had this trusting friend and now they are betraying you
All is going great for you family and tragedy strikes
You have just retired and find out you have malignant can.
Family seems to be happy and then husband walks out on you.
"A great multitude is coming against you"
All of us have felt like that in our lives. Not one person in
this room has not ever felt like that. How do we respond when
we feel a great multitude is coming against us?
T.S: Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, was told that a great multi-
tude was coming against them. judah was about to be invaded.
War was going to take place upon Judah by the Moabites, Ammon-
ites, and the Meunites. When Jehoshaphat heard this--HOW DID
EXPLANATION OF TEXT: 1. (Afraid) Ever felt that way-(v
2. (turned attention to see the Lord and proclaimed a fast)-
3. (Praised the Lord-Pr-aise-confront tne living La-rd)
4. (Corporately-Judah sought God's help)-(Verse 4)
Jehoshaphat and all Judah, "realizing their future was bleak"
turned to the Lord in praise and worship. Let's evaluate the
text and discover what happened when they did. They discovered
some special privileges in their lives wehen they turned to
God in praise and worship: When we felt all is going against
us and we turn to the Lord we will experience the same privi-
leges of praise: These privileges of praise and wouship are:
Exp: "cry to thee in di ...

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