Evangelizing The Sinner Part 3 by Ronnie Floyd

Luke 16:19-31
Part 3

INTRODUCTION: In the last few years Northwest Arkansas has
grown at a rate of 29%/. Many persons believe this will con-
tinue if not increase over the next few years. Many persons
are urvifg into our area.
This past week I received a letter from the
Evangelism Department of our state convention informing ne
that Northwest Arkansas has more evangelistic prospects per
capita than any other area in our state. W4e have a great
challenge before us. We have not even begun to touch the
area for Christ. Our area may be religious, but my question
to you today, "are they saved?"
Since our area is changing at such a fast pace
and will continue to change in future years, we can count on
one thing not changing. THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST HAS N(r
CHANGEDI God has given us Jesus--man is sinner--he has a
choice--Heaven or hell? Eternity will be spent in one or
the other!
T.S: There is great truth in this parable we
read moments ago in Luke 16:19-31. Abraham's bosom symbolizes
paradise or where the dead in God lived until the redemption
of Christ on the cross.
"Sheol"-Hebrew which is the underworld where the dead live.
"ADNS"-Greek, a dark, obscure, and miserable place far fram
heaven, where those who lived without Christ will be punished
Look into this text with me today as we know that
reaching people for Christ is the heartbeat of Christ's Church
When you look with me, I want you to keep in mind the reality
of eternity, especially the eternity of hell.
Exp: Their Contrasts:
1. Living Conditions
a. Rich man-purple, very wealthy lived in splen-
b. Poor man-poor laid at gate of rich man,
covered with sores, cruibs off of
table, picture of poverty.
2. Spiri ttil Conditions
a. Rich man--Bible does not say he cheated, was im-
moral, but he was lost in sin.
b. Poor man--once publicly ackno ...

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