The Results Of Believing In The Word Of God by Ronnie Floyd

first Baptist Church
Springdale, Arkansas
December 6, 1987
"The Results of Believing in the Word of God"
Nehemiah 8:13-10:39

INTRODUCTION: In 1976, Harold Lindsell, wrote a book
enti'tliiL *tl Rattle far the Bible.-" In this book he
wrote that the subject of biblical inerrancy should be
the most important theological subject of this age. He
believes that causes of evangelism and missions are to-
tally dependant on one's deep belief that the Bible is
God's authoritative Word. I wholeheartedly agree with
this and would all that all morality and moral conscious-
ness is also dependant on one's belief in the Word of God.
LET'S LOOK BACK FOR A MOMENT: Nehemiah had been very
concerned about the outer appearance of Jerusalem through
the rebuilding of the wall. Izra, the priest, was deeply
concerned about the inner part of Israel in a spiritual
way. Last week we see how the Jews sade a commitment back
to the Word of God. Last Sunday we preached on, 'The Place
of the Word of God.' We spoke about the authority, the
priority, the central place, the reverence for, the response
to, the practicality of, and the power of the Word of God.
?.S.: Now that the commitient had been made to the Word of
God in belief, this week we will see how it affects their
lives. It is one thing to believe the Word of God, however,
it is another to allow that belief to become practice to
where your lifestyle is altered because of that belief.
This lorning I want to preach on, 'The Results of Believing
in the Word of God." What will happen in your life when you
really believe, I mean really believe, that the Bible is the
actual Word of God? In this text today we will see four re-
sults of these people believing in Word of God. These four
results will also be in your life and line when we really
believe in the Word of God:
YOUR LlIF.(8:13-18)
Exp: (8:1-12) Word of God had co ...

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