An Introduction to the Book of Nehemiah by Ronnie Floyd

An Introduction to the Book of Nehemiah
Ronnie Floyd
Nehemiah 1:3-4

Nehemiah, the cupbearer to Artaxerxes I of Persia. His role of tasting the King's wine to prevent him from being poisoned places Nehemiah in a place of trust and confidence. Nehemiah's name means ''Comfort of Yahweh'' or Yahweh has compassion. His contemporaries: Ezra and Malachi

Date: 444 B.C. leaves Persia to go to Jerusalem
432 B.C. returns to Persia
425 B.C. goes back to Jerusalem
Artaxerxes I reign - 464-423

Purpose: The invaders of Jerusalem and Judah had destroyed both the city and it's temple (70 years)
Cyprus issued a decree which allowed the Jewish exiles to go back to their homeland.
Ezra, priest, rebuilt temple
Nehemiah, layman, rebuilt the walls (52 days)


First halves refer to the physical being built and restored second part of books speaks of the revival and restoration that followed T.S.:

The picture you see in chapter one of Nehemiah is spiritual brokenness.

This morning I want to preach on the subject of *Spiritual Brokenness* from Nehemiah 1:1-11. If we are going to be a church in revival and have the ministry of restoration in our city, we must be spiritually broken. To be like Nehemiah we must be:

I. Spiritually broken over the conditions of God's People. (1:3,4)

''Remnant'' - God's chosen
''Distress'' - affliction; shattered; dashed into pieces
''Reproach'' - scorn; contempt; being despised; receiving blame.
''Under bondage'' - Spiritual bondage (v. 4)
''sat down'' - to get hold of himself
''wept'' - cried uncontrollably
''mourned for days'' - great despair - had a burden - grieved

Are we broken over the condition of God's people? Attendance, giving, soul-winning in our own church? Revival? Integrity crisis of God's people? Neglect to be the salt in our society? Immorality of God's people? Drugs, sex, alcohol?

II. Spiritually Broken over the cond ...

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