The Greatest Hindrance To Revival by Ronnie Floyd

The Greatest Hindrance to Revival
Ronnie Floyd
Nehemiah 5:1-19

INTRODUCTION: What do you believe the greatest hindrance to
revival is in our church or in America? Some would say
prayerlessness, sin, pride, abortion, downfall of the home,
critical spirit, lack of unity, or maybe some of you would
say dead churches would be the greatest hindrance to revival.
This morning I want you to listen very carefully to se. The
format today is somewhat different than normal so you must
pay close attention to what I believe God wants me to share
with you today. What is the greatest hindrance to revival?
Before I share this with you we must look at some other
BACKGROUND OF TEXT: Problems had been occurring daily with
Nehemiah and the people of God. The problems were not with
each other but from some outsiders named Sanballet, Tobiah,
and Gesham. The list grew to the Ashdodites, Ammonites and
some Arabs. BUT when Satan cannot get you from the outside
he will attack you from the inside and that is exactly what
he did in this text. The events you can read about the
church in the book of Acts in regard to problems can be com-
pared with the events of Nehemiah and the people of God.
Trouble finally occurred on the inside of the Jews.
Jews with Jews were the problem.
(1-5) Some of the Jews were running out of money to buy
food. Some went down to borrow some money for food. Most
could not even do that because they had already borrowed
all the money they could to pay taxes. So they had to sell
their children, mortgage their homes and land, just to have
money to buy food so they could survive physically. They
were helpless as they were making slaves out of their child-
ren. The people were mortgaged to their limit.
(6-13) When Nehemiah heard about these events he became very
angry. Nehemiah said he could not believe this abuse of
mortgaging to help another Israelite. If he has a ne ...

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