The Structure Of The Vision by Ronnie Floyd


Introduction: If you believe the Bible say AMEN! Since it
is the Word of God we must not only intellectually comprehend,
or emotionally love it, but willfully obey it.
We learned last week that we need a vision of the grace of God,
the lostness of people, and a vision of what God wants to do
through us. Since share the vision is so biblical we must fol-
low what the Word of God says. We must investigate the way
the bible tells us to allow God to work through us. We must
look to the Word to determine the structure of the vision.
This is what I want to preach on today: " "
I want to begin by defining stewardship as the practice of
'n~nanging properly that which God has entrusted to you whether
it be time, talents, resources, or money. God definitely want
to use what we have to meet His needs in His church. He has
been the one who-has created these needs, therefore, he should
have an ample supply to meet these needs. How? Through the
people of God. How? By following his laws concerning the
very needs before us. You said a moment ago you believe the
Word of God. Since this is true let's look to His Word to share
with you two laws that must serve as our structure and govern
our vision:
Three questions I want to answer about the tithe:
1. What is the amount of the tithe?
(Gen. 14:17-20) Abraham gave one-tenth to the greater.
(Lev. 27:30-32) A tenth of all (10%)
(Malachi 3:8) Robbed of tithes and offerings (10%)
(Matthew 23:23) Jesus did not have to preach on tithing
to the Jews for that is one thing they
followed to the iota!
App: God says he wants 10% of all you possess or own.
He says if you are not doing this you are walking
in direct disobedience to His Word, need to repent
and begin honoring his with 10% of all he has
given you.
Ill: Last year in our church over 1,100 families, only
742 families honored God with 1l or more. Out of
these 742 only 138 families honored God wi ...

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