The Taming Of The Tongue by Ronnie Floyd

"The Taming of the Tongue"
James 3:1-12

Introduction: The tongue represents the spoken word-Words
can be harmful or uplifting.
A person's reputation to someone your talking to is in your
hands. (Slandered or built up)
Ill: Relationship problems exist because of words.
1. The Power of the Tongue.(1-Sa)
Exp: Power as a teacher (v.1)(Responsible)
Men will stumble by what they say-do not we are
perfect-The tongue bridles the entire body.(v.2)
Ill: Bits in the horses mouths they obey us.(v.3)
Ships are directed by a small rudder as pilot
guides the rudder.(v.4)
App: Tongue is small part of the body yet it boasts of
great things.(v.5)
YOUR TONGUE CAN RUN YOUR LIFE! (What you say-words)
(1:26) If one cannot bridle his tongue is not godly
2. The Danger of the Tongue.(5a-8)
Ill: All fires begin by one spark. Acres of forests can
be burned by a simple and small spark.
Exp: Tongue is a fire-iniquity-defiles the body, sets on
fire the course of our lives.(V.6)
Ill: Beasts, creatures have been tamed, but not the
human tongue.(v.7)
Exp: It is evil and poisonous that can kill.(v.8)
App: Your ...

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