The Rise And Fall Of Lucifer by Ronnie Floyd

Sermon #2
Ezekiel 28:12-17; Isaiah 14:12-15

INTRDUCTION: Last week we preached our first message in this
series entitled. "Open Your Eye&:- It's Time to Wake- T!" I
challenged us to wake up to the reality of spiritual victory
in Jesus, to the reality of the spirit world, to the reality
of who your real enemy is which is Satan and to the reality
of spiritual warfare. Have you been practicing what I told
you last week? This is sermon #2 in this series. I want to
preach on "The Rise and Fall of Lucifer."
T.S: 1ucifer is one of the names in the Bible for Satan our
enemy. Tucifer means, "Lght-bearer" and indicates he is an
angel of light that is here to deceive all persons on the earth
Turn with me to our two texts for this evening message. Let's
stand together as we read from God's Word:
1. THE RISE OF LUCIFER. (F.7.T-kiel 28:12-17)
A. His person: (Ezekiel 28:12, 15)
(28:12) Seal of perfection.
Full of wisdom. perfect,. and beauty.
(28:15) Bl nmrl ess fran creation
Until unrighteousness or wickedness was in you
B. His Position: (F-ekiel 28:13, 14, 15)
(28:13) Lucifer was an angel of God that was privi-
liged to serve in the Garden of Eden.
(: ing of creation.
(28:14) ,nlt - nto-4e
cherub-an order of angels Lucifer was in charg(
of in the Garden of God.
*These angels were in charge of blessing, prais-
ing, and adoring God. They were near-
est God's throne worshipping and serv-
ing Him. He covered or guarded God's
best creation.
(28:15) "unrighteousness"-perversive, wicked, dishon-
App: One interesting observation is that
Satan was in charge of praise to God
through mtusical instrurmets and now he
is fallen look at the place of music
in our society and our world.
2. MIE FALL OF IFER.(F7ekiel 28:15-17; Isaiah 14:12-15)
A. His Pride: QF.7sh el 28:15-17)
(28:15) exegeted in previous point of message.
(28:16) Violence-profane, unholin ...

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