Loneliness (1 of 23) by Ronnie Floyd

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Ronnie Floyd

Monday morning call: "Everyone is too busy - will you listen
to me?" Surrounded by people by lonely.
All week - confronted many persons with many problems - all
need help because noone had time to listen to them.
Loneliness is the top emotional problem in our day!
A doctor was asked not long ago, what he believed was the
most serious and devastating disease facing people today?
His reply? "Loneliness." No physical cure.
1960's the Beatles. "Hey, Look at All Those Lovely People)";
RANDOM HOUSE Collegiate Dictionary:
"Loneliness" is "solitary", "alone" Deeper, better - "destitute
of sympathetic or friendly companionship or relationship."
T.S. Jesus many times was alone, but was not lonely.
1. John 16:31-33 - "I am not alone, because the Father is
with me."
2. Psalm 25:16-18 - "For I am lonely and afflicted."
3. Psalm 102:7 - "I have become like a lonely bird on a
4. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 - "But woe to the one who falls when
there is not another to lift him up."
5. Psalm 46:1-4 - "God is our refuge and strength."
Summarize what the Bible says:
1. Loneliness is a reality.
2. Loneliness results in much trouble.
3. Loneliness can be cured by God.
"Loneliness is the leading cause for women to seek
affairs. The feeling that develops when intimacy
is lacking in one's life. People feel alone when
they have no one with whom to share the events,
both major and minor, of their lives."
Talk to your wife, talk to your husband
Listen to them or else you will make them
vulnerable to sexual permissiveness.
3. Suicide:
CNN News:
Working parents - loneliness cause of teen suicide
Newsweek, March 30, 1987, "Experts say the reason must
teenagers commit suicide is because they are
confused or depressed, but can't or won't seek
help through traditional channels."
* The highest sucide rates is a ...

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