The Leadership Factor by Ronnie Floyd

Part 2

INTRODUCTION: There is no such thing as an absence of
leadership. Either the pastor will assume His God-given
responsibility as shepherd or the people will go in their
own directions.
Jesus said in Matthew 16:19, "I will give to you. He was
speaking to His disciples, the future leaders of the church.
He was giving to them the gospel to take to the world. He
knew that these men, after being discipled by Him for three
years, would influence the church toward fulfilling the
Great Commission.
The Leadership Factor in church growth occurs when church
leadership influences the church to fulfill the Great Com-
mission with consistency and effectiveness. This is lead-
ership, not management. It's leading people and managing
things, not the reverse.
Pastors, head coaches, and CEOs all have something in common.
Each one is expected to produce. Corporate America has in-
fluenced the church toward being more accepting of swift rad-
ical changes. Some of this has been good and some has been
As pastor to nearly 8,000 people, I do not think it is unfair
for the church to expect me to lead out in preventing member-
ship decline and stagnation. What I do think is unfair is to
dismiss a pastor for any reason other than biblical grounds.
Would you read with ML*.Acts 20:28 and discover with me the
isicipal task'of"'a pastor
Would you read with me 1 Peter 5:2? On the authority of
God's Word . . . Shepherd your flock!
..eb,,rews 13:17 the -bible'tells us what the respanseWQt' ),.rs~hp should-be id~tho ph-toresheph!r
T.S.: There are two major roles of the Pastor as Shepherd.
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If you are a Pastor, welcome to the hot seat of leader-
ship. As pastor, you are the spiritual authority and
guide to the members in accomplishing the Great Commis-
sion. This includes leading the church staff. The
Pastor must always remember to under the authority of
the ...

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