Walking In The Footsteps Of Jesus by Ronnie Floyd

Acts 5:17-42

INTRODUCTION: A child will follow the steps of his parents.
A child especially in younger years, will imitate his parent&
We are to imitate the Father. As Christians we are to follow
in the footsteps of Jesus.
T.S.: As we follow in his steps we will experience his powei
and his sufferings. When you walk in the footsteps of Jesus:
1. DIVINE INTERVENTION.(5:17-20, 21b-24)
Exp: "sadducees filled with jealousy"-a threat had turne
into a movement.
"all the apostles imprisoned"-Earlier it was Peter
and John, now all the apostles were imprisoned-the
persecution was expanded.
"But an angel of the Lord"-Gr. "angelos"-messenger
of the Lord-Whether it was a supernatural being or
a man sent from God does not matter. The important
thing is that God intervened--I want to call it
divine intervention!
''speak of this whole life to the people"-commissior
Ill: Daniel in lions den, Shadrach, Meshack, and Abedneg
in the fiery furnace, Job in his troubles, Paul in
difficult times, apostles here in this text: GOD
App: Are you at your road's end? Are you wondering how
you are going to make it till next week? Are you
questioning what is happening in your life? Are yc
a child of God? If you are a child of God, God wil
intervene in your life to meet your needs! How do
we know that?
Exp: It is affirmed (21b-24) Yes, when the guards went t
secure them from prison, the doors were locked and
nobody was in the prison. It was affirmed that Goc
had intervened!
App: Look at your past. If you are at your wit's end
today you probably have been before! Look at how
God intervened before! He will meet you. If you
walk in the footsteps of Jesus you can count on
experiencing divine intervention in your life.
Ill: "Footprints in the sand"
2. DIVINE COST.(5:22-33)
Exp: Men apostles went to teach the people in the temple.
(28) Instructed you to not teach in hi ...

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