Who Can Find A Christian Friend? by Ronnie Floyd

Acts 11:19-30

Introduction: Words from my high school band director-If you
can name three friends that will stick to you regardless of
what happens you are extremely fortunate.
T.S.: No man is an island--everyone needs someone! We need
friends-The type of friends you have will be what you eventu-
ally become. This is why you should have Christian, spirit-
filled friends.
Explanation: Persecution of Stephen, Christians were distrib
ted and some told gentile world about Christ, word of this
reached Jerusalem, and they sent Barnabas down to check it
out,, he ministered to them, went and found Saul, and they
ministered to the church for one year in Antioch.
*They were real Christian friends to the church!
Barnabas was a real friend to the church!
1. A Christian friend is sent from the Lord to you.(22)
A friend is God's gift to you!
2. A Christian friend is sensitive to your needs.(23)
Others-oriented, unselfish, not talking always
about themselves, but listening to you.
3. A Christian friend rejoices in your successes and
grieves with you over your defeats.(23)
(Many times jealousy and selfishness exist in
and among friends and this is why this does
not happen)
4. A Christian friend is an encourager.(23)
(Just think of how many times you would do so
much more if someone would be there to tell you
5. A Christian friend points you to Jesus.(23)
(He will tell you to stick to God like glue)
6. A Christian friend can be trusted.(24)
(Ill: Woman in Yoakum, Margaret Steen, who
blew her head off Monday morning with a deer
rifle--S.S. Teacher, Miss everything in church)
7. A Christian friend walks with God in power and faith.
(24) Power-telling you God can and will do it.
Faith-telling you He can do it through you.
Ill: What kind of Christian friend are you? Are you
even a friend to anyone? Do you have a friend?
App: A friend is someone who knows ...

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