A Fresh Look At Baptism by Ronnie Floyd

A Fresh Look at Baptism
Ronnie Floyd
Acts 8:4-5, 12-13, 26-40

My wedding ring is a symbol of my unending love and commitment to one woman of 16 years . . . my wife, Jeana. This ring symbolizes or pictures to you my commitment
to marriage. If I was away from people who knew I was married and did not wear my wedding ring, then some old gal may think I was open prey for her.

How would you feel if you were married and your husband or wife would not wear a wedding ring? If Jeana did not wear her ring I would . . . sell it . . . No, . . . I would be very disappointed. Her ring lets others know she is in love and taken.

Baptism for the Christian is just like that ring. It symbolizes and pictures to others my sole commitment to Jesus and my love for Him. A Christian who has not been properly baptized is a Christian out of the will of God.

T.S.:I am tempted tonight to go totally through this chapter and talk to you about the various and exciting Christian truths, however, I want to focus on the subject of baptism. The title of my message tonight is ''A Fresh Look At Baptism.''

Great persecution was coming upon the church in Jerusalem. The new Christians, except for the apostles, began to leave Jerusalem, scattering everywhere. Oneof these laymen was named Philip. In verses 4-5 he went down to Samaria proclaiming Jesus to them. People were listening. They were responding. They were being saved. They were being baptized. In verses 12-13 the people were first believing and then following their inward belief with an outward profession of that faith through baptism.

Word means to be immersed. Anything other than this type of baptism is unacceptable to God.
Jesus (Mark 1:9-11)
Jesus was baptized to symbolize His coming death, burial, and resurrection. Jesus was baptized to identify with us, giving us a pattern in how to later identify with Him. Jesus ...

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