Sorry, I Have Bad News! by Ronnie Floyd

March 1, 1987
Series on Romans
Sermon #P9
Romans 3:9-20

INTRODUCTION: Don't you just dislike it when someone says,
"I have sonme good news and some bad news--which one do you
want to hear first?"
T.S.: The book of Romans gives to us same bad news! In
fact Romans 1:18-3:20 is nothing but bad news because it is
in reference to the doctrine of condemnation and the wrath
of God. Tonight we will conclude this section of Scripture
on a very sad passage of Scripture. When you read this
passage you resl i .p how ulich we condemn ourselves away from
a holy GodI
Exp: Based on everything that has been said not one per-
son is better than the other person. The Jews and
Greeks are all under sin--None boast for partiality
through God's eyes.
Why? Rcmans 5:12 We are sinful by our nature!
App: Tonight I want you to know you are sinful by your
nature. You are a sinner! Your selfish nature
will result in your total separation fram God in
You need to be saved tonight because your present
nature will lead to hell and without a new nature
you cannot inherit heaven.
Ill: A baby cries when he does not get his way--Selfish.
Exp: There is none that can do right--that is right on
his own--I mean not even one person can do right!
Our choices lead to sinful separation from God.
Ill: Many have said, 'lan is basically good" No way--
Man is not good from his nature and surely not by
his choices.
Ill: Let's say this basketball goal was let down to-
night and everyone sat here waiting on me to dunk
the basketball. I would try to jump time and tine
again, but I could not dunk itl
App: That is the way it is when we try to live right and
gain heaven on our own--There is absolutely no way!
Tonight: You need to be saved--Your nature and
choices condemn voul
Exp: A run-down how our conduct condemns us:
1. Our Utderstanding ...

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