'TIS The Season To Be...depressed? by Ronnie Floyd

I Kings 19:1-10
December 13, 1992

Do you ever get depressed? I know that since we are in
worship today most of us would deny to ourselves and others
that we ever encounter moments of depression. Some
of us think that life has to always be on the UP!
Let me give to you a practical definition of depression
today. Depression can be defined in words like sad, gloomy,
downcast, dejected, miserable, blue, and even boredom.
Now there are various levels of depression. Thank God
for Christian psychologists and Christian psychiatrists
who can help people who go through what I call today
"prolonged depression" which would be a much deeper level
of depression where ongoing professional assistance is
needed. Even though all of the principles I am going to
share today are applicable to any level of depression, let
it be known today I am mainly speaking to the level of
depression that we all face from time to time in life.
Therefore, if you are under the professional care of a
Christian psychologist or psychiatrist continue that care
until both of you are convinced you are on the road to full
We are in the Holiday season. From days before
Thanksgiving until just after the New Year, people
are prone to depression more than any other time
of the year. Much of it has to do with family
problems, memories of loved ones we have lost to
death or divorce, the hustle and bustle of the season,
or just living life "out of the routine." In this season
counseling loads increase and the rate of suicide
of all ages of people increase.
He was a great prophet of God; he raised the widow's
son from the dead; he had just had a standoff with
the prophets of Baal and fire came down from heaven
to prove Elijah's God was greater than Baal; mentioned
in the New Testament more than any other prophet;
Elijah appeared at the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ;

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