Are You A Lukewarm Christian? by Ronnie Floyd

Revelation 3:14-22
January 9, 1994

INTRODUCTION: The city was known for
its'-great wealth. In 60 A.D., a
disastrous earthquake hit the city and
.the city rebuilt itself without the
financial help of Rome.
The wealth of the city existed because of
the'"production of black wool, for the
prosperous industry of banking, and for
its medical school's specialty which was
-the treatment of ears and a salve that
was made for eyes. In spite of its great
wealth, the city had one major physical
problem and that was that it could not
provide its own water supply, therefore,
cold water was piped in from the nearby
city of Collossae and hot water was piped
in from the therapeutic waters of
Hierapolis, however, it was usually
lukewarm, at best, by the time it came to
,this,city.-. Can you name this city? The
city of Laodicea.
Due to the Apostle John's fervent faith
in Jesus Christ, he was exiled on the
Island-of Patmos. While there, the Lord,
was revealed to him. The future of t +,
church and the world was made known t)
him. In the Bile text we are going to
study today, I believe the Lord is
talking about the final stage of the
church of Jesus Christ before he takes
out the church, known as the rapture that
(VS. 19-20)
Let me ask you the following
(1) Will you hear what Jesus is
saying to you today?
(v. 19a)
(2) Will you repent or turn from
where you are today?
(v. 19b)
(3) Will you permit Jesus to
fellowship with you?
(v. 20)
CONCLUSION: When Adam and Eve sinned in
the Garden of Eden, God came walking
through the garden. Adam and Eve
attempted to hide from God. God asked
them, "Where are you?" Believe me, he
-knew where they were. They were
separated from Him and He came looking
for them.
God is seeking after you today.
(Fervent, enthusiastic Christians)
(Carnal, lukewarm comfortable, self-
sufficient Christians)
(Los ...

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