A Great Mission For A Great Church by Ronnie Floyd

Matthew 28:16-20
Part 1

Introduction: D. L. Mody said, "The world has yet to see
what God can do through one man whose life is totally com-
mitted to Him." koxxy said, "I will be that man."
I say, "The world has . . . one church." "I want to be . .ch
Ill: Just prior to ascension of Jesus--Last will & testament
App: Passage is Great Comnission--"a commission is an author
itative order, chare or direction. Jesus' ordering us!
Ill: Great Satanic desception today--Separation discipleship
and evangelism . . . KEY IS BAIANCE!
T.S.: How are you personally flfilliing Jesus' order? Today,
t:LhLirik with e- on this text as we preach on '"A Great
Commission for a Great Church."
Exp: Gr. '"athetes"--to disciple or to make disciples.
It means not only to learn but become attached to
one's teacher and to become his follower in doctrin(
and conduct in life.
TWO THINGS INVOLVED: 1. Win then 2. Lead then
App: Our mandate, offici l order, MAKE DISCIPLES.
How are you personally doing this in your life?
No one is exempt fram it!
Ill: "Keep the main thing, the main thing."
2. A GCNATM0: G0.(19)
Exp: "Make disciples" strong verb. Off of verb are 3
p&articiples * d' ir. thes 1 auV -,gag-e wouldu serve as-
ways to participate in the action of the verb.
They are going, baptizing, and teaching.
"Go'--"As you go" to all nations--Everywhere! No
small groups or clusters--GO, Go, GO!
App: Are you going? Next-door, down street, across town,
N.W. Arkansas, America, the world?
Ill: K.C. Missouri--SBC--Foreign Missions "Build church"
App: Teenagers, children, adults, sr. adults, could God
be calling you into full-time Christian ministry so
you can give your life to fulfilling the mandate of
Jesus. HE SAID, "GO". This is just part of the
mandate, Dut the Deginning!
3. A NUR]R: BAPTIZE. (19)
Ill: Did you look into the mirror today? What'd you see
Exp: God has given us a ...

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