Sins Of The Religious Lost by Ronnie Floyd

Series on Romans
Sermon #6
ROman5 2:17-29
INTRDOCTION: Can a person be religious and not know person-
ally Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior? Is it possible for
you to be an active member of a church and be lost?
One day when all is said and done and Jesus cones
again we will witness a great multitude of persons who will
be cast into hell. A great amount of these persons will be
good, moral, religious people. Yes, it is possible to be
religions and not know Christ personally as your Lord and
Seaior. Y cs it is pockisl to be native in a hurch and
be lost. L o b/e Frt e)Vn, and
*I:.S: In the text this venng we will learn of
the religious person, the Jew, who has a form of religion,
but is lost without Christ. Tonight, I want to look at the
sins of the lost person who claims to be religious. I have
chosen tQ entitle this message: "Sins of the Religious Lost"
Exp: (17) 'THer the name of Jew"-lit. "if you are named E
Jew." He is addressing true Jews, ones who
glory in that name. They are the priv'leged,
chosen, religious, people of God.
(17-24) Eight moral, religious reasons why the
Jews thought themselves to be superior:
*Before these are listed remember that they jus
v #~' bore the name of Jew and their lifestyle did
not measure up with their profession (Hypocris
1. The Jews relyone Law.(17)
Exp: All the verbs that are used in this
list are present tense w-hich relate
the habitual nature of the action.
They boasted in the knowledge of havi
the law--they possessed it. They viE
the law as a protection agency for tl
while God viewed it as condemnation.
App: You can be religious, know all the
truth, think yourself superior, but
be lost. You cannot rely on your
religion ffor any purpose at all.
A Contiuuation of these Eight moral and religious details:
2. The Jews brag about their relationship to God.(17)
Exp: Lit. means that the ...

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