Can The Broken Pieces Ever Be Put Back Together? by Ronnie Floyd


In just a minute you'll hear a life-changing message from
Dr. Ronnie Floyd, pastor of the First Baptist Church of
Springdale, Arkansas. The series he's preaching on is
entitled, "Is Your Family Ready for the Nineties" and is
designed to show you how God can help you and your family
through these trying times. If you'd like more information
on other tapes with Dr. Floyd's messages, please write
Daystar at P.O. Box 6970, Springdale, AR 72766 or call us
at area code (501) 751-4523. We pray that you will find the
word from God in these minutes together.
Our message is entitled today, "Can the Broken Pieces Ever
Be Put Back Together?" Our text is found in the second book
of Samuel, second Samuel in chapter 11. And as you're
turning in your Bibles, I want to encourage you to be here
next Sunday as we bring this series on the family to a
climactic experience. And next Sunday in the morning
worship service after our music portion and after a few
moments of about 20 minutes of preaching, we're going to
culminate that experience with the renewal of vows among
married couples.
Let me just say to you that if you do not want to
participate in that, that is fine. But let me just
encourage you for you and your spouse to think about that.
And you can say, "Well, I don't know if I really need that
or not." Well, that's between you and the Lord. I just
want to ask you a question though today. Have you and your
spouse ever had any disagreement whatsoever at all? Have
you and your spouse ever been through any kind of tit-tat
together? I mean, have you and your spouse ever had
anything whatsoever at all that even looks like, smells like
or acts like a disagreement of any kind? Well, I believe if
we're each honest today, we can all say, yes, we've at least
had one and most of the time when it happened it was my
wife's fault. But let me just say to you today, that I want
to encourage you to come next we ...

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