How To Make Life's Greatest Decisions? by Ronnie Floyd

Sermon #5
Isaiah 55:8-9
July 26, 1992
INTRODUCTION: What are some of life's greatest decisions
you will be called upon to make in your life? There are
many of these decisions. I consider the following deci-
sions life's greatest decisions, and of course, there are
many supporting decisions to these. These life decisions
What am I going to do about God?
What will be my lifelong career?
Who am I going to marry?
How many children will I hav?-
What church will I attend?
What are my goals for my life?
What will be my priorities in life?
These decisions each of us will be called on to make. There
will be many decisions beyond these we will be called upon to
make. The question today is, "How do you make life's great-
est decisions?"
THE PASSAGE TODAY: In Isaiah 55:8-9 God gives us some very
good advice to remember. He tells us that our thoughts and
ways are not always the same as God's thoughts and ways.
What God has in- mind for us is always higher than what we
have in mind for ourselves.
In order to live in God's will I have the challenge of
getting on God's level in thought and in ways. As I do this
I will be able to live in the will of God for my life.
Ill: My goal when getting out of high school was to go to
school and come back to my home town and pastor the First
Baptist Church, of which I considered a very large church.
The church averaged at that time just under 200 in Sunday
T.S.: So, how do you make life's greatest decisions? For
over a year I have had these thoughts in my heart waiting for
God's timing to share them. I have alluded to them period-
ically, however, today I lay them open for your spiritual
lesson for today.
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There are three key words to remember when you have to make
any decision in your life, if you want to do it according to
God's thoughts and plans. These words, can be very powerful
if you will rem ...

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