How Does God Speak To You Today? by Ronnie Floyd

Sermon #2
Romans 10:17
July 5, 1992
INTRODUCTION: Has God ever spoken to you in an audible
voice? Have you ever heard literally the voice of God?
God has never spoken to me in an audible voice. I want
to warn you about something today: BEWARE OF THE PHRASE:
"God told me . . ." Most of the people who use this phrase
ina flippant manner seem to say that God speaks to them
about all kinds of things. Sometimes they would claim He
spoke to them contrary to the Word of God. We know that
God's will would never be in contradiction to the Word of
Phrases such as, "I have sensed God's leadership . . .
"I have sensed God is saying to me . . ." or "I believe it is
God's will for me . . ." are phrases that concede to a margin
of error that definitely exists in my flesh.
The very important question for our discu-ssion- today is,-
"How Does God Speak to You Today?" I definitely believe God
can speak to you today. Through these vehicles of His com-
munication he reveals His will for your life.
I believe the individual or personal will of God for
your life is that God has a unique life plan for you that
operates by the principles of His Word. Therefore, my chal-
lenge is how do I discover His unique plan?
Ill: If a child wants to know the will of his parents,
the child will begin by asking them, "What would you like for
me to do?" Since the child has heard the voice of his
parents for years, he knows their voice. Listen: I believe
if you ask God to show you His will for your life, He will
do it! I believe He will speak to your life consistently
and you as His child will learn to recognize His voice.
T.S.: So, how does God speak to you today? I believe
God's Word teaches you that His will or His voice will be
revealed to you in ore of the following ways-
1. THE WORD OF GOD.(Romans 10:17; Joshua 1:7-9)
Exp: (Romans 10:17) Faith only comes by hearing what God

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