Going To War Over The Souls Of People by Ronnie Floyd

Joel 3:9-10,14
January 10, 1993
The book of Joel discusses the coming judgment
of God upon all those who do not know the Lord.
In the second chapter, Joel tells the people that
God is going to have His day called the "Day of
the Lord."
In this particular use of this term, Joel was
prophesying of the end times when the Battle of
Armageddon would take place. The Battle of
Armageddon is when the Lord will return to destroy
all His enemies, those who have not trusted Christ.
In the Scriptures I read tonight, God is telling them
to prepare for this war. He tells them judgment
is forthcoming on all those without Christ.
Notice the warfare imagery used:
Call the men to war!
Assemble the troops together!
Prepare weapons out of anything you have!
Everv peresm EoiS-
Sound the trumpets - Go to war!
Time is running out - decide for God now -
or else God's verdict on you is judgment!
On February 14-21 we are going to war over the
souls of people. We are going to invade the devil's
territory and drag men, women, and young people
to God. Many of them will be in the valley of
decision. I am calling you to war tonight. Troops
for God - it's time to assemble. Whatever you
have that can be a weapon for God - prepare it
and use it! Each of you count! Sound the trumpet
- Let's wage war over the souls of people. They
are in the valley of decision. They must come
to God! Or else De destroyed.
Our topic tonight: "Going To War Over The Souls
of People." Permit me to make two healthy
statements to you:
1. Each person is either a child of God or still
the property of the deviL (I John 3:7-10)
2. Prayer is the major weapon you have that
can move them from the valley of decision
to the Lord's family. (2 Corinthians 4:3-4)
"Ten Most Wanted List" and how we are going to
pray for them.
Let me give you five reasons why you need to ...

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