Series on Jonah Sermon No. 2 by Ronnie Floyd

Series on Jonah Sermon No. 2
Ronnie Floyd

Jonah 1:17-2:10
Introduction: Illustrate the power of the question, "when?"
Christmas? Birthday? Anniversary? Shopping? When is a wor(
that demands one to be specific.
T.S: This evening I want to combine this word when and talk
about three significant events in the life of all be-
Exp: God spoke loud and clear in (1:2) to Jonah to go to
Ninevah. He rebelled! So our loving compassionate.
Sovereign Lord allowed a storm and a bunch of sail-
ors to toss Jonah overboard the ship. The Sovereigr
Lord placed a great fish there to swallow Jonah and
that was his new home for three days and three night
It wasn't the Hyatt Regency, but it beats death.
App: God said Jonah if you do not want to obey me when
I speak to you in a clear manner, then welcome to
"Whale Seminary."
Exp: Listen: God speaks to you all the time. If you
do not here Him the first time, God loves you
enough to make it clearer to you about what He is
Ill: God took Moses on the back side of the desert for
forty years so when He spoke to Him he would listen.
In disobedience, the children of Israel wonderer
around the wilderness for 400 years until they were
ready to listen to God.
Exp: When Jonah was swallowed by that whale on the brink
of death I would imagine he said, "N ...

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