The Wrath Of God by Ronnie Floyd

"The Wrath of God"
Remans 1:18-23
"Sinners in the Hands of An
Angry God"
T.S: Today many would think this seirmo to be a one-sided
pressurized attempt to get men to God. I believe it is a
biblical approach to get men to God because God's wrath is
burning right now against all persons who are without Christ.
Before Paul gives his explanation of the righteousness of
God in Rais 3:21-5:21, he wants to show us why it is so
urgent for everyone to come to Jesus. Every person is moral-
ly and spiritR lly bankrupt and they presently stand under
the wrath of God.
Exp: '"rath"--Gr. "orge"T means anger or wrath
This wrath is presently taking place with the culmi
nation to occur in the end times.
Human wrath involves sinful, self-regarding passior
God's wrath is the response of His holiness to wicl
edness and rebellion.
*,ne theologian has said, '"wath is the reaction of
the divine righteousness when it comes into collisi
with sin."
C.K. Barrett says, "Wrath is God's personal reactic
against sin."
The wrath of God is God's holy hatred of sin.
"is revealed"-tense of the verb is present suggesti
that the wrath ofGod is a fact in the ongoing life
of this world. This wrath is a positive, dynamic,
active expression of the divine displeasure.
Finally, Wrath is God's personal reaction towards
App: John 3:36 Presently God's wrath abides on unsaved.
Revelation 6:17 Future wrath of God
Hebrews 10:26-31 Present and future wrath
*I want to encourage you this evening to say yes to
Jesus for you are under his wrath presently and
you will be ultimately in the future.
Exp: What brings on the wrath of God towards persons?
1. The wrath of God is against all ungodliness.(18,
Gr. "asebeien"-lack of proper reverence for God.
irreverence, inpiety, perversity that is religic
in character.
2. The wrath of God is against all wickedness.(l:lI
Gr. "adik ...

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