How To Win Your Biggest Spiritual Battle by Ronnie Floyd

Sermon -I
Galatians 5:16-21
March 14, 1993
This weekend many of our people are gone to the Southeastern
Conference Basketball Tournament being held in Rupp Arena
which is in Lexington, Kentucky. This is the home of the University
of Kentucky Wildcats. At the beginning of this week, people
were talking about who our Arkansas Razorbacks would be
facing that would really challenge them.
If someone were to ask me at the beginning of the week, which
they did not, who were going to be the Razorbacks three major
opponents this weekend I would have said: Georgia, Kentucky
and probably Vanderbilt. Early in the week the brackets of
the tournament tilted to those probabilities. When you really
think through who the Razorbacks major opposition is you
really come away with one team: the one they are playing
at the time because if they lose against them they are out
of the SEC tournament.
In the Christian life, the Bible teaches us that we as born again
believers have three major opponents. These opponents are
the world, the devil, and the flesh. As a Christian I do not
believe you always have to fight against the world or against
the devil. However, you always have to fight against your
flesh. Just as the Razorbacks major opposition is the team
they are playing at the time, as a Christian our major opposition
is the one we are having to oppose at all times, which is our
The title of the message today is "'-'ow To Win Your Biget
Battle." The purpose of this message is to help you identify
the flesh as your major opponent and share with you how you
can win over it. I want us to pursue this dynamic text by asking
four questions today and permitting the text to answer these
questions for each of us. Are you ready?
I.WHAT IS YOUR FLESH? (vs. 16, 17, 19)
In each of these verses of Scripture the same word
is used for flesh. It is the word, sarx". I ...

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