Isn't There Something More To The Christian Life? by Ronnie Floyd

A Series on the Holy Spirit
Sermon #1
February 28, 1993
Right after I started preaching in 1972 it seemed almost
everywhere I preached, some lady would walk up to me
and say these words to me, "Boy, you got it!" In every
pastorate, some lady has always come up to me and said
those words again, "Boy, you got it!" My response initially
was, "got what?" These different ladies, even though
sometimes referring in their statements to what I might
call "doctrinal error," were commending me for having
a special relationship with the Holy Spirit of God. In some
of their views they thought probably that few Christians
had that relationship.
Have you ever wondered, "1sn't there something more to
the Christian life?" Let me declare openly to you today:
nI want all God has . . . if I have missed something about
Him. . . I want it." Where do you find the power? Where
do you discover the peace? Where is the joy?
Is it found in your flesh . . . somewhere within your human
capacity? Many in our world today would tell you that
you could find that in yourself. In fact, most Christians
I know believe they can find it within themselves. That
is why the basic concept most Christians live by is, "I will
do my best! I will do what I can!" Listen: THAT IS FLESH
Most people think the Christian life is boring. Most think
it is for kids. Many think it is simply a social thing. Many
think it is something you do on Sunday, and place on the
shelf Monday through Saturday. That is a wrong mentality!
There is something more to the Christian life than what
most of us understand and definitely live. That something
more is found in the Holy Spirit of God. God is one: He
is Father, He is Son (Jesus), and He is Spirit (Holy Spirit).
You are to have an intimate relationship with God the
HIoLy Spirit- It is time for you to come alive in the Spirit.
Do not let an ...

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