What To Declare When Facing Difficulties by Ronnie Floyd

Message #12
2 Samuel 22
Scripture Reading: 2 Samuel 22:1-3, 50-51
August 1, 1993

The 1993 Mississippi River flood will go down as one of the
most costly natural disasters in the history of the world.
We have seen through television footage the unbelievable
damage that has oce-crred- When the water was still rising
in some areas you could hear the panic in people's voices
as some thought and many shared, "The water just keeps
Everyone of us in life will go through some times when we
could say the same thing about various difficulties or tough
times we are facing. That is, "The problems just keep
coming," "the difficulties just keep coming," or "the trials
just keep coming."
We are living in troublesome times. According to God's
Word, the closer we get to the Lord's coming, difficult times
will come. It is obvious that some of the difficult times
are here.
For some here today, your major problem lies in your family.
For others, it is related to your job. For some, it is a
financial problem. For many, it is within yourself as you
are just not happy. Others are facing problems with other
people in life. For most of you, you are tired and worn out
and just wish you could take a break.
I am reminded of the "Ever Ready Battery Commercial"
when the animated figure marches and beats his drum,
and the narrator says, "It just keeps going, and going,
and going." This is exactly the way it is in life today
in relationship to our problems. They just keep going
and going and going.
Have you ever thought about the way God protects
you? Just the other day, on Highway 71B, the Lord
miraculously protected Jeana and I from a major
accident. .. it was the grace of God!
Even in difficult times you face, remember that God
is protecting you through them. It really could get
worse. Why does God protec ...

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