When God Turns Your Play Time Into Pay Time by Ronnie Floyd

Message #10
2 Samuel 11:26-12:25
June 2Z7 l293
On June 16 of this year USA TODAY carried an article
concerning the National Park Service and its rising
costs to rescue people who get into trouble in the various
national parks across America. Last year the National
Park Service spent $1.4 million on 5,000 rescues, not
counting the $1.7 million donated by the military in
providing search planes and helicopters.
The overall concern is that Adventure Tourism such
as climbing, caving, kayaking, and others are getting
out of hand. The thought is that if people who get
thenseives io troubte have to pay for the rescue
service. rather than being provided it, they might be
more careful. Therefore, if you are hiking and get
lost, you would have to pay the financial bill to rescue
you, which could go into the thousands of dollars. The
title of the article caught my attention: "You Stray,
You Pay!"
There is an incredible spiritual application to this article.
If you stray from God and His will, you will pay for
it. It does not matter who you are or what you do,
you pay for straying from God. Even David had to pay
for straying from God.
Last week we learned from- 2 Samiun 11 about David
neglecting His kingly responsibilities, lusting after
Bathsheba, and being deceived by Satan, thereby
committing adultery with Bathsheba. In his attempt
to cover up his sin of adultery, David had Uriah, the
husband of Bathsheba, killed on the front lines of battle.
Last week, we talked about the American mentality,
"Play Now ... Pay Later."
Today, we are going to turn our attention to 2 Samuel
12 and share with you the message, "When God Turns
Your Play Time Into Pay Time." You stray, you
In this chapter of Scripture, God turned David's
play time into pay time. Regardless of the sin you
have committed or what has drawn you away from
God, you str ...

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